Willow Star Singleton

by Willow Singleton

Supporting: March for the Arts 2021 for Duke Ellington School of the Arts Project

My Team: Second Years



    Hi, my name is Willow Star Singleton, and I am a 2nd year in the Theatre Department. My first year in the Theatre Department was all virtual, but I still learned so much and I am eager to learn more. To me theatre is a mirror that reflects the lives of human beings through storytelling. When I am telling a story through a monologue, I feel like I am helping someone feel seen. I know the feeling of seeing a film and feeling like you could cry because of how much you relate to it. I want to help people feel this way because we go through so much every single day, and we often feel like no one sees us. It is my duty to prove people wrong and help them feel seen in my art, but I cannot do that without learning about theatre first.  As an artist it is important to me to learn about my craft and be in a space with people who have the same passion for that craft as I do. This helps me grow as an artist and can help me to create better work in the future. When you donate to the fundraiser you are helping us to continue getting the theatre education that we need. You are also helping us with putting on shows so that we can entertain others and share wisdom with them through our art. Thank you so much for your support. 

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Why do we fundraise?

In the Theatre Department, students aren't just taught how to act. They are taught how to create the stories they want to see. They are given the tools to shape the world around them with their art. Ellington relies on the generosity of parents and donors to ensure that our students receive the highest level of pre-professional training and performance opportunities. Donations enable them to create sets, craft costumes, power technical capabilities, hire additional instructors, and fund classes with Master Acting Teachers like the renowned Professor Vera Katz.




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How would you like to support?

How would you like to support?