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by Zerabruck Haile

Supporting: March for the Arts 2021 for Duke Ellington School of the Arts Project

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Hello Zerabruck here,

My original plans for high school were to just go to the same high school my older brother and sister had gone to. I was to be the 3rd Haile which is a Nick name they gave me, but then one day I was introduced to Duke Ellington through an email my school sent me for high school applications and I just thought to myself “Let’s try it and see where it goes.” And as you can tell from me being here writing this down I made it. I have absolutely no regrets cause from what I’ve seen and felt so far this is the place and community I want to be apart of. So I would love it if you were to donate to my campaign and help support the Duke Ellington theatre department so we can do what we do best. ACT!!

March for the Arts, is the

Duke Ellington School of the Arts annual Theatre


Why do we fundraise?

In the Theatre Department, students aren't just taught how to act. They are taught how to create the stories they want to see. They are given the tools to shape the world around them with their art. Ellington relies on the generosity of parents and donors to ensure that our students receive the highest level of pre-professional training and performance opportunities. Donations enable them to create sets, craft costumes, power technical capabilities, hire additional instructors, and fund classes with Master Acting Teachers like the renowned Professor Vera Katz.




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How would you like to support?

How would you like to support?